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Industrial construction has been a specialty of Jacquin & Sons from our early days. As building materials and technologies have advanced, we have kept pace. Today, we are well-experienced in all methods of industrial construction, from traditional wood frame, and brick and mortar to pre-engineered steel and pre-stressed concrete.

We offer end-to-end project management for our industrial clients, including site locating, land acquisition and permitting. Through relationships with well respected architectural and engineering firms, we can handle all aspects of blueprinting and specifying materials for the facilities we build.

We are well respected for completion of projects on time and within budget. That is largely due to the stability of our company and our vendor relationships, which allows us to exercise an unusually high degree of control over every aspect of the assignment. Almost all of our key people have been with us at least 10 years. Many of our subcontractors have worked with us for a quarter-century longer. We know their capabilities and they know what we expect.

As our client, what you can expect is strict adherence to specifications. We take no shortcuts and tolerate none from vendors and subcontractors. To us, that is the only way to build anything and it is especially critical for industrial facilities. Our concern is not only for correct functionality, but the safety of our clients’ employees may well depend on design validity, proper engineering and flawless construction.

Whether you are an architect putting together a competitive bid, or your firm is renovating or expanding an existing facility, or erecting a new plant, we would be proud to further acquaint you with our cost-effectiveness and commitment to quality.