Martin County’s Dr. MLK Jr. Park Clean-Up Day

PJSI in its continuing celebration of over 75 years on the Treasure Coast rallied together last Saturday to perform a Community Clean-Up day at one of Martin County’s Parks in East Stuart. We strive in giving back by doing special projects just to say thanks to the community. It is important to us to do our part to keep the surrounding regions clean and debris free, preserving the habitat for future generations. We began by doing a general cleaning of the park, but as the County has a great Parks & Recreation department, we didn’t have much to clean. We did some repairs to the fences and posts’ damaged for some time, trimmed and weeded the hedges and did pick up trash around the park. The surrounding neighbors began to take notice of our lawn equipment and asked us about our intentions, in which after talking with them and getting to know some one on one why we were here, brought a smile to all of their faces. We took it upon ourselves to extend the clean-up area to the entire neighborhood surrounding the park, just to show that as a family owned business, coming together to do that extra task without expectation of recognition, goes a long way in warming the heart of others. The neighbors were elated at the results and as they drove by, thanked us and were very grateful for our efforts. We would like to thank all who gave of themselves to be a part of the event and a special thanks to Adron Fence Company for donating the parts to make repairs to the fence post and damaged fence line.