Paul Jacquin & Sons Inc.


Paul Jacquin & Sons traces its roots on the Treasure Coast to 1912, when the Jacquin family, with six-month old Paul John, moved to what is now St. Lucie County from Illinois. Up until World War II, Treasure Coast families lead an isolated, small-town life. Hard work, honesty and reliability were essential virtues for anyone hoping for success at a business or trade.

Paul John Jacquin founded our company on those core values and that wide ranging experience in 1940. Passed down through four generations, they constitute our operating philosophy and are integral to the success we have enjoyed over the years.

When you work with Paul Jacquin & Sons, whether on an industrial, commercial, educational or residential project, you can expect outstanding quality that results from decades of hands-on experience and technical know how. You can count on absolute integrity in your dealings with us. That is a promise we have been keeping every day for nearly three-quarters of a century.

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Our Team

Jacquin & Sons has a staff with experience in planning, estimating and building every type of facility imaginable.With this background,we are able to provide the best and most complete technical services on the Treasure Coast.All of our projects have been built on-time and within budget due to our ability to plan and schedule very complicated projects in a timely fashion. Paul Jacquin & Sons, Inc. works with the Owner, the Owner Representatives, and with the project Architect to value engineer each project to save the Owner time and money.

We will work to find products of EQUAL standard at LOWER costs. All value engineering ideas and products are submitted to the Owner, Owner Representative,and Architect for review and approval. In previous projects, we have saved Owners THOUSANDS of dollars that could be used for other improvements.