Paul Jacquin & Sons Inc.


In addition to being a leading general building contractor for 80 years, Jacquin & Sons has developed a strong expertise in the area of construction management. In fact, we believe it is our core competence as a builder that truly sets us apart from other construction managers (CM’s).

Unlike many “paper” CMs, our project managers and superintendents have actually rolled up their sleeves and built many projects. As real builders, we better understand projects from top to bottom, inside and out – knowledge and experience that is crucial to the success of any construction program.

Jacquin & Sons’ approach to construction management has been carefully honed for decades. It is simply this: we focus on achieving the Owner’s goals for quality at the best possible cost. Our purposely low profile allows us to concentrate on our quality and productivity, not on self-promotion, and we have earned both the praise of architects and the repeat business of our clients. We subscribe to the concept of Total Quality Management (TQM), a process for monitoring and controlling every phase of a project through continuous review, testing and improvement of costs and procedures in order to reach its planned success.

We want to help you build your vision through our vigilant attention to the details of quality, cost control and sensitive time scheduling. Through every step of a project, we are in constant contact with the Owner, reporting progress, monitoring the details, identifying potential roadblocks and offering solutions to ensure success.